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It's natural for anyone in any business to routinely check on their sales to see how they are doing. In fact, it's important, especially for small businesses to keep a close eye on that data. However, I wonder how healthy it is for an author. Some days I've seen spikes and some days nothing. It can be disappointing but I keep telling myself that it is my first book and most people don't know yet. In fairness, I was told by an author who is doing quite well that I will make nothing on my first book. He said that once he had a series or two, it really began to take off. At this point, I'm getting the word out as best I can but I'm focused on making book 2 as good or even better that 1. I feel that putting out quality material is the key to sustained success. So my next entry will focus more on "Republica". Just to give a hint of what is coming. Stay tuned...

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