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Much of this process has been eye-opening. I knew of publicity work but I had never done it. It is one of those things that comes with being an author. I love talking about the book, and when I was a pro wrestler I had to do publicity for certain events. This is different though. This isn't a promo for an event I am part of, this is publicity for something that came from my head. My own creation and that part of it is very new. As it turns out, there is a large group of sci-fi readers that are curious about what kind of sci-fi you write and who your influences are. I love doing the interviews because they often ask about my writing method and inspirations. For me, the writing comes fairly easily. It's the other parts like publicity and promotion that are new to me. BTW, in just over 2.5 hours "Legado" (the Spanish translation of Legacy) will be released on Kindle. It will be my first non-English release. Yet another milestone in this incredible month. Until next time...

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