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Well, I finally did it. I have been talking about writing a book for awhile and now the book is complete and close to being published. This has been an incredible journey. Tons of obstacles which became learning opportunities. Two chapters required complete rewrites (not telling you which ones) and edits required 3 rounds with some revisions as well. The writing wasn't a problem. That was the easy part. The edits were much harder. I did have some help editing because it was important to have another set of eyes on it, but it was tough at times. In the end, it turned out much stronger as a result.

Legacy is a story about the American Revolution as well as the story of a group of scientists in the 22nd century called The Dominion who made America happen. There is political intrigue, covert operations, historical backdrop and the key element that brings it all together, time travel.

Initially it was designed to be a short story and then a stand alone work. It is now Book 1 of The Dominion series. I have already started to work on book 2 which I am very excited about.

I plan to publish that one later this year. For now the focus is on publishing Legacy, then publishing in Spanish (Legado) and after that in audio format. This is a mock-up I put together but the final one will look completely different Hopefully you will join me for the ride. That's all for now. Next entry will be on publication day.

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