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Anthony was born in Rio Piedras, PR but grew up in New York City. He now resides in New England with his wife and two young children. He is a student at Arizona State University, where he majored in history with a focus on the American Revolution.  


He has loved science fiction and horror since childhood and finally wrote his first feature book titled "Legacy" and released it in April 2021. His idea of ​​what science fiction can be takes the genre in a completely different direction. Some of his favorite sci-fi elements are time travel, the multiverse, historical fiction (in a sci-fi setting), artificial intelligence, extraterrestrial life, planetary exploration, and dystopia (with a focus on poli-science fiction).


He is an avid fan of baseball and also cooking (especially barbecue). He worked as a professional mixologist for over 25 years and has taught mixology for 14 of those years.

Fun fact: as of January 1999 he was a professional wrestler who participated in his last match in January 2020.

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